• Cannon Falls Wine and Art Festival

Jules Loft

Waconia, MN (952) 838-5540 jule@julesloft.com



“Edible Garden Art” Jules Loft Wild Bird Feeders- Combining objects found in nature & organic Golden Safflower seed, to form solid artistic shapes. Each piece is fresh, modern & entertaining to behold while bringing wild songbirds closer into view for a nibble!

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Festival Promotion - offer valid through July, 2020

Five Point Landing with up-cycled wine cork: 20% off! Use coupon Code CORK20 at: https://julesloft.com/shop/five-point-landing-cork/

How to place your order

Website https://julesloft.com

Ways you can receive your order

Shipping (ex: UPS, Fedex, USPS, etc.)

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