• Cannon Falls Wine and Art Festival

Ruthie's Kitchen

Denison, MN (507) 263-3271 edstrom1@frontiernet.net

Jams: Strawberry,Blueberry, Raspberry, Grape, Plum,Mint, Tomato, Watermelon Peach, Hot Pepper Peach Jam Beet Pickles, Corn or Cabbage Relishes, Watermelon Pickles Spicy Bloody Mary Mix Butter Caramels and Salted Peanut Rolls.

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How to place your order

Email edstrom1@frontiernet.net

Phone (507) 263-3271

In Person

Ways you can receive your order

  • No contact pick-up (can be picked up without having to go inside)

  • Delivery (Northfield or Cannon Falls areas)

Is a reservation needed to pick up purchases? Yes

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